SCR's Detail Shop

SCR sends cars back to its owner in fantastic condition- well-maintained, well cared for, clean, waxed. We don’t just care about each customer experience- we are committed to every customer having an amazing experience, every time. Having a full mechanical and detail department helps SCR meet every auto-related need our customers may have.


We hand wash cars, so they are rubbed by soft cloths and avoid those circular scratches formed by the rough, automated car washes. By putting a high-grade wax on after every wash, we ensure that your car will shine and keep its luster. 

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Silver Detail


• 4 Hour Detail Package

• Hand Wash 

• Clean Windows

• Complete Vacuum Interior

• Interior Air Pressure Blow Out of Interior

• Clay Rub

• Tire Dressing

• Exterior Hand Wax


Gold Detail

starts at $160

• Full Day Detail Package

• Everything in the Silver Detail Package

• 2 Hour Exterior Glaze Polish

• 2 Hour Leather Treatment or Shampoo Interior

• Interior scrub of hard surfaces with earth-friendly residue/oil remover

• Exterior Plastic Treatment to protect all exterior plastic trim

• Window Treatment to remove build up and cleanse for maximum transparency

• High Grade Hand Wax for clear coat protection and visible shine


Platinum Detail 

starts at $250-$300

• 2 Day Detail Package

• Everything in the Gold Package

• Ultra Polish Scratch Removal

• High Grade Hand Wax Luxury Treatment, leaving hard wax on overnight for maximum protection of clear coat


Auto Detail Services

• Headlight Restoration Polish

• Hair Removal

• Removal and Installation of Tape Stripes

• Window Tint Removal

• Carpet/Mat Shampoo

• Interior Trim Facial Clean

• Leather Treatment

• 3 Phase Polish

• Exterior Plastic Treatment


Prices subject to change without notice. Prices apply to most vehicles.